: Girrrrl . . . what are you DOING???? Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com received an ONLINE REPORT that R&B singer Christina Milian was pregnant.

According to the report, Christina "announced" to her friends that she was expecting her SECOND child

Well,MediaTakeOut.com tracked down a VERY CLOSE family member of Christina's who was surprised by the news of Cristina's pregnancy. The insider explained, "I had no idea she was [preggers]. I do know that her ex [The Dream] has been staying with her and the baby when he's in town. So it makes sense that she's end up [pregnant]."

The insider had more to say too. They explained, "I actually think they might bet back together, the ball is in The Dream's court . . . if he wants, he can have his family back."

Not sure we like the idea of Chrissy getting knocked up while her marriage is in all this drama. . . but if it manages to get her family back together . . . it was worth it, right???


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