: Kelly Marsahll lives is Britain with her 5 children – by 4 different dads. And she’s on the UK’s public welfare program.

Apparently this chick ain’t work a day in her life. But under the UK’s very GENEROUS welfare system, rakes in almost $45,000 a year from benefits. So what does she do with all that WELFARE MONEY . . . well she $7,500 of it to go from a 34A to a 34DD.

Here’s why she claims that she did it:

'I have wanted a boob job since I was a teen. But it wasn't until I had five children that I could afford it - with all the extra benefits I get. Now I hope to have liposuction, a tummy tuck and regular Botox.

'I thought having children would make my boobs bigger, but that never happened so I decided to do something about them.

'I saved money from my benefits for four months to cover half the cost and put the rest on a credit card, which I pay back with my benefits.

blink . . . blink . .. stare . . .

I know most people will think it is wrong I am spending taxpayers' money on my looks. But I deserve it because I am a good mum. Having children has taken its toll on my body. All mums should be able to have cosmetic surgery

If they’e letting people get away with mess like this . . . we need to move to BRITIAN!!!


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