: 50's been TWEETING about dating talk show host Chelsea Handler (who has the talk show "Chelsea Lately"). And he's been talking her up in interviews . . . now he's GOT HER!!!

According to a MediaTakeOut.com spy, 50 and Chelsea were eating together on Saturday night in the New Orleans hot spot MiMi's. The two came in separate SUVs and sat together. Our snitch says, "It was definitely a date."

And that wasn't their first date. Another MTOer saw the couple together at a hotel lobby in NASHVILLE, TN! Chelsea had comedy gigs in each city. And 50 . . . well, he was just there to give her a lil MORAL SUPPORT!!!

Glad to see that 50's persistence paid off. But it begs the question, now that he's got her . . . WHY EXACTLY DID HE WANT HER in the first place????

This is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE REPORT. If any member of the press uses ANY information from this report - that constitutes PLAGIARISM!!!


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