NOOOOOO!! Lawrence Fishburnes 18 Yr Old Daughter Is Starring In An ADULT MOVIE!! (GRAPHIC Details And Pics)

: You'll NEEEEEVER guess what happened. Actor Lwrece Fishburne's daughter is starring in a PORN MOVIE. That's right, full on PORNO. And it gets even better, it's with popular adult film star Brian Pumper.

And it gets even BETTER THAN THAT. According to our snitch, Montana (Lawrence's daughter) allowed Brian to PENETRATE HER . . . in ALL 3 ORAFICES!!!

Dang . . . and for all of you BRIAN PUMPER fans, you'll know that with the way that man is PACKIN . . . allowing him near your THIRD ORAFICE could land you a trip to the EMERGENCY ROOM.

To see Brian in action, click here

Shout out to our pals over at for CONFIRMATION of the story.

And shout out to our peeps at for the pics

. . .


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