DRAKE A DAD??? His Girlfriend Maliah Has COME UP PREGNANT!! (Details)

: MediaTakeOut.com has some HAPPY NEWS (or sad news, depending) for rapper Drake.

One of MediaTakeOut.com's ROCK SOLID SOURCES just told us that his girlfriend, model/exotic dancer Maliah Michelle is preggers.

According to our snitch, Maliah is in Jamaica doing a photo and video shoot. And word is that she's told everyone on the set NOT TO SMOKE WEED around her and not to offer her any DRINKS . . . because she's preggers.

The insider explained, "I've known [Maliah] for a long time and she smokes plenty of weed . . . so for her to say stop now, she must really be pregnant."

Well good for them . . . It seems like Drake is already FOLLOWING in WEEZY'S FOOTSTEPS!!

Mmebers of the press are REQUIRED to credit MediaTakeOut.com for this ORIGINAL report


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