: MediaTakeOut.com learned that there's a TEENAGE LOVE TRIANGLE going around amongst celebrity spawn out in Los Angeles.

Here's what we know. Paige Hurd, the actress who starred in Everyone Hates Chris, was dating Corde Broadus (Snoop's Son) and she planned his entire sweet 16, which was this past weekend.

But at the LAST MINUTE, Paige canceled on him - so that she could attend Vercy Miller's ( Master P's son) prom instead.

According to a MediaTakeOut.com snitch, Paige claims she doesn't know which boy she wants to give her heart to, BUT if she set up Corde's sweet 16, and she had to know ahead of time that she was going to Vercy's prom-.

Anyways, both these boys are head over heels for her. Aww to be YOUNG and in LOVE!!!

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