: Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com dropped the BLOCKBUSTER allegation that Reggie Bush dumped Kim Kardashian after he caught her CHEATING with Kanye West.

Well now MediaTakeOut.com spoke with one of KIM'S CLOSEST FRIENDS who gave us even more dirt.

According to our snitch, when Reggie learned that Kim had slept with Kanye he immediately went to CONFRONT HIM!! The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "Kanye's security had to hold Reggie back, because he was going to go nuts on Kanye . . . And the next time Reggie see's him, he's going to kick his a**."

WOOOOOW . . . Reggie is 6 foot 2 and about 230 lbs. Kanye better beef up his security.

This is an ORIGINAL report from MediaTakeOut.com. Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit MediTakeOut.com if they use any information from this EXCLUSIVE MediaTakeOut.com article


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