: MediaTakeOut.com has been hearing reports for SOME TIME that rapper Treach used to BEAT ON his ex-wife Pepa (from Salt N Pepa). Well Pepa is now talking OPENLY (well, kinda openly) about one incident at actor Omar Epps house in Sister 2 Sister magazine:

One morning we were over at Omar Epps’ house, cause I was friends with his daughter’s mom, Kalima, too.

Treach and I wasn’t doing so well. Then I went to California to try and just get away for a minute. Then he came to visit me, which I didn’t think was a good idea cause I still needed some time to kinda decide what am I gonna do with this relationship.

He came in, and I guess I wasn’t acting the way he wanted me to act; be all, like, jumping on him or say, “Okay, we’re back together.” I think he was upset about that.

Then that morning, he took the ring off and threw it at me and said, “I want a divorce” . . . That morning was real deep. A lot happened, but I don’t want to put him out there again. It wasn’t just saying “I want a divorce,” but at that point, I knew we needed a divorce.”

Wow . . . that sounds like he laid hands on her. And she added that once, during a different violent episode, Treach burned her with a hot iron. Here’s what she said:

I was ironing and Treach came over to me [He] came over to me and grabbed me with the iron, but the iron burned me; it didn’t burn him . . . I still got that mark to this day, it’s right in the crease of my arm.


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