: MediaTakeOut.com received a very SOBERING report. Actor Todd Bridges, from the hit show Different Strokes" made a very painful revelation in his new book - that he was MOLESTED by a man.

Here is how Todd's revelation is being described,

The actor alleges his former male publicist performed oral sex on him when he was 12 years old, and details his horror when his father accused him of lying about the incident.

He writes, “Bringing all that up was tough in a way, but I resolved the issues. It’s kind of sad to know that a grown man would take advantage of a child. But what made it more tough was that your father took the guy’s side. That kind of broke me at 12 years old. I was really lost after that.”

Todd claims that after the molestation, his life spiraled out of control - into DRUGS and all kinds of other RECKLESS behavior.

Dude lived a real hard life . . .

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