: MediaTakeOut.com has learned that rapper Khia is back to blogging again. And this time she’s going hard at former First Lady of the Turks & Caicos LisaRaye Misick

LisaRaye … we know you’re a MediaTakeOut.com reader … but you might wanna turn your head away. Cause Khia is getting real ugly in this rant

Lisa-Raye, he done f*cked you and sent your TIRED ass home!!! You gonna have to leave with what you came with… NUTHIN!!!

Talkin bout you being a FIRST LADY….You will neva be Michelle Obama!!! Go back to the POLE and low budget ass films as you know!!! Hoe’s tryna get the King out his money!!!!!! Gurl Booo!!!!! You are an EMBARASSMENT to all women…. Using that OLD decrepit BODY for your own selfish gain!

Why you aint have his baby Hoe???? ..That would have been the ultimate come up???? Oh I forgot… If you COULDA you WOULDA… Pussy don’t work no more… Bitch….

You can’t afford the BENTLEY????? Yep… It’s going Baccccccck!!!! YOU USE TO JETS?????? JET....DRY….DRY YOUR WEEPING EYES….. Keep It Real Hoe!… You can’t PAWN them CLOTHES and FRONT-LACE wigs!!.. I don’t even feel sorry for this bitch..I tried to told yall

Khia is cold blooded…

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