: The failing economy is hitting everyone - even top selling rappers. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that rapper 50 Cent is talking openly about his financial situation to the press.

Here's an excerpt from an article in The Canadian Press:

When 50 Cent put the 4,650-square-metre house up for sale, the listing mentioned its six kitchens, 19 bedrooms and 37 bathrooms. 50 Cent's additions included a 40-person hot tub and some of his own personal designer touches - like stripper poles.

He's been trying to sell it for US$18.5 million for more than a year now, and every night that he sleeps in the monster mansion he's reminded of Tyson's fall from grace.

"I'm waking up in a room that was previously Mike Tyson's bedroom, a fighter who earned over US$500 million in his actual career, and when I purchased his house from him he was in bankruptcy," he said.

"If that's not a strong enough reminder for you, I don't know what's going to remind you to be aware of where you are financially and make conscious decisions."

He's very aware of the downturn in the global markets and admits he's worried about watching his money disappear, even though he's got lots more of it hanging around.

"Well yeah, I lost a couple million dollars already, you see what I'm saying? I sit with my investors and business managers and accountants looking at the numbers and I'm like, 'Yo, the values of stocks in different areas that I invested in are decreasing!' So I take the loss like everybody else."

MediaTakeOut.com heard rumors that 50's pockets were real light before the Vitamin Water deal. Hopefully he ain't go through that money yet!!!


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