MTO EXCLUSIVE JUMPOFF ALERT: Rihanna Flew To The Game Last Night . . . On LEBRON’S PRIVATE JET . . . And Hung Out With BRON After The Game!! (Yes . . . We Have RECEIPTS)

: Rumors are SWIRLING AND TWIRLING everywhere – that Rihanna and LeBron have something going on. What happened? Well FIRST OFF, Rihanna flew to San Francisco from New York for the game last night – on a jet that was chartered by NIKE for LeBron James. This is NOT rumor, it’s #FACTS#.

Second, she was spotted backstage yelling like a GROUPIE for LeBron after the game.

Third, LeBron did NOT bring his wife on the road with him for this series. According to folks close to Bron, he claims that Savannah needs to stay home with the KIDS (including their newborn) . . . but it’s really so that LeBron can have his freedom.

Anyways, all signs seem to point to Rihanna being Bron’s JUMPOFF . . . and it wouldn’t be her FIRST time playing the SIDE CHICK role.

We’re not going to JUDGE . . . but LeBron James needs to focus MORE ON HIS GAME . . . and less on catering to his alleged Bajan SIDE PIECE if he wants to win this series.