Who Are The Worst Smelling Celebrities??

: Have you ever wondered which celebrities smelled the worst? Well so did we. So MediaTakeOut.com polled over a dozen entertainment insiders, publicists, radio DJ\'s and record execs. We asked them who they thought were the worst offending celebs. Here\'s what they had to say:

India Arie - offending body part: underarms notable quote: \"She doesn\'t believe in wearing deodorant ... Someone needs to explain to her that you don\'t wear deodorant for yourself - you wear it for the people around you.\"

Pink - offending body part: crotch notable quote: \"I had the unpleasant experience of following her into the ladies room once. She really needed to visit a gynecologist.\"

Jazzy Pha - offending body part: entire body notable quote: \"He\' a nice guy but he has a gland problem that makes him sweat like crazy. It\'s kind of embarrassing.\"

Biz Markie - offending body part: tie between breath and underarms notable quote: \"Biz has that kind of aroma that stays behind hours after he\'s gone.\"

Kelis - offending body part: hair notable quote: \"There\'s no excuse for her not washing her hair more often.\"

Busta Rhymes- offending body part: breath notable quote: \"Not only is his breath bad, but he spits when he talks ... when he\'s done with you you\'re drenched in foul smelling liquid.\"

Serena Williams - offending body part: underarms notable quote: \"I stood next to her at a club once. The musk was so strong I thought I was going to pass out.\"

Flavor Flav - offending body part: entire body notable quote: \"He smells exactly the way you\'d imagine - like a homeless person.\"

Diddy - offending body part: breath. notable quote: \"He has quite possibly the worst breath in the industry. And he always wants to talk all up in your face.\"

Bobby Brown - offending body part: behind notable quote: \"The chair he was sitting on smelled like he [had an accident] on himself. I think we ended up having to throw it in the trash.\"


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