MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Waka Flocka Being INVESTIGATED BY THE FEDS . . . After His LOVE AND HIP HOP WIFE Posts A Stupid Pic . . . On Instagram!!!

: learned that Waka Flocka was CONTACTED BY FEDERAL AGENTS yesterday, after his wife Tammy posted a pic of him HOLDING WHAT APPEARS TO BE A HANDGUN on Instagram. It’s not clear what they were contacting him FOR . . . but we THINK we know what it is about.

You see, Tammy got UPSET how Joseline PUNKED HER on teh Love And Hip Hop reunion show – and wanted to put some FEAR into Joseline’s man Stevie. So she posted a pic of Waka holding what looked like a gun. Problem is that Waka is a CONVICTED FELON and can NOT HAVE A GUN IN HIS POSESSION.

No word on what Waka’s gonna do now . . . but’s snitch says that Waka referred the agents to his LAWYER.