MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Dwyane Wade And Gabby DO NOT Invite Wade’s BREAK BABY To Their Wedding!! (Pics of The BEAUTIFUL Baby . . . Who Was LEFT OUT Of His Dad’s Special Day)

: NBA star Dwyane Wade has THREE SONS . . . Zaire and Zion, whom we all know and love . . . and Xavier the child he fathered with his SIDE CHICK last year. Despite having THREE children, only two of them were present at his wedding to longtime girlfriend Gabrielle Union yesterday.

We love Gabby and Dwyane – so we’re not gonna second guess their judgment on this. But we can tell you that some members of Xavier’s family feel SOME TYPE F WAY about it. According to one family member, it would have been, “APPROPRIATE for all of Dwyane’s family to have been there.”

Here are some recent pics of Xavier and his auntie. Note, she is NOT The person who snitched to us.