MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Insider Say SANAA LATHAN . . . And Married Actor MORRIS CHESTNUT . . . Are Getting ‘TOO CLOSE’ During Love Scenes In Their New Movie!!!

: just got some BLOCKBUSTER NEWS – something is DEFINITELY BREWING on the set of the new movie The Perfect Guy – between Sanaa Lathan and her co-star Morris Chestnutt.

We spoke with a person working on the set, who tells us that the love scenes between Morris and Sanaa were EXTREMELY PASSIONATE . . . and continued on AFTER the director yelled cut. The insider explained, “Everyone saw how Morris and Sanaa were always around each other during filming. I just figured that they were friends from before and thought nothing of it – until they filmed their big love scene.”

The insider explained, “MTO I’ve been working in film for a long time, so I’ve seen love scenes before but NOTHING like this. The way they were kissing and caressing each other, I’m telling you those feelings were real.” The insider continued, “And after the director yelled cut, they still kept going . . . and even kissed each other on the lips afterwards. All of us on set had our mouths drop.”

The insider concluded with the following, “There is definitely something going on between them. [Morris] may just be emotional cheating right now, but it’s only a matter of time before things go further. But on the up side, their movie [The Perfect Guy] is going to be amazing.”