BREAKING NEWS: Young Jeezy Comes Up With $6 MILLION In Bail Money . . . To Bail Out HIMSELF . . . And His ENTIRE CREW!!!

: Young Jeezy was arrested earlier in the week - after a man was allegedly shot and killed at one of his concerts. Police are trying to PIN SOME BULLSH*T on him - even though everyone knows he had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Jeezy was arrested for ALLEGEDLY possessing a gun, and held on $1 MILLION BAIL.

But they ain't just lock up Jeezy - like the media is saying - they locked up HIS TEAM. In all, 6 people were arrested - including 2 of his tour bus drivers (one being a 55 year old lady), his camera guy, his management, and his marketing person.

Jeezy pulled a few strings - and came up with the $6 MILLION BAIL for all of his team. That's that REAL LOYAL ISH right there. We f*cks with Jeezy . . .

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