MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Sad News Guys . . . One Of Our FAVORITE ENGAGED COUPLES . . . Just Called It QUITS . . . And You Won’t BELIEVE Which Rapper . . . Is ALL UP IN THE MIX!!!

: is sad to report that NBA baller Brandon Jennings and actress Tae Hekard are no longer together – the couple was engaged and planned on getting married later this year. Now they’ve ended things. Don’t believe us . . . go on Brandon’s instagram – he deleted ALL PICS OF TAE off of them . . . and is talking about “dating.”

So what happened??? Well allegedly . . . Tae went out with her EX – Nelly when he came to town. Tae said that ain’t NOTHING HAPPEN – but Brandon did not believe her. And neither did our snitch. Tae’s GF told, “Nelly and Tae went out and she didn’t tell [Brandon]. Now I can’t say for certain that Nelly [smashed] . . . but that’s what it looked like to me.”

Dang . . . Nelly out here messing up relationships LEFT AND RIGHT. Fellas keep your fiance’s AWAY FROM THAT DUDE!!!