MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Bobby Shmurda And His BOYS Get Into DISPUTE With Club Owner . . . Minutes Later . . . GUNS START POPPING!!!

: You know that rapper named Bobby Shmurda . . . he’s the one with that HOT song called HOT BOYS that got people doing the SHMOMEY DANCE. Well last night his boys ALLEGEDLY had a popular NJ club promoter doing the SCMONEY DANCE in the parking lot.

Here’s what happened. Bobby Smurda was booked to perform at a NJ club which SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS. He got on stage about 1:30 and was having a good time with his crew. But about 10 minutes into the set, he was ALLEGEDLY spotted gettin extremely animated with one of the promoters.

Word is that there was some kind of PROBLEM WITH THE MONEY. Well the next thing you know Bobby and his crew storm out . . . no performance or nothin’. Then shortly after . . . ALLEGEDLY there were SHOTS FIRED in the parking lot. No word on whether anyone was hurt . . . but we hear that Bobby and them GOT THEIR MONEY!!!

NOTE – To all the POLICE reading this . . . Bobby Schmurda did NOT SHOOT and to our knowledge was NOT IN POSSESSION of any guns.