MTO EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles SPEAKS . . . Claims That Bey And Jay ‘FAKED’ The Elevator Fight . . . To Increase TICKET SALES OF THEIR TOUR!!!

: Beyonce's father SPOKE OUT publicly - for the first time since his daughter SOLANGE beat the f*cks outta his son in law, Jay Z. And he was SERVING UP TEA LEAVES!!!

Mathew spoke with radio station KRBE in Houston and suggested that Beyonce and Jay Z STAGED the elevator fight - to help sell tickets to their our. The interview, which was held by two popular local shock jocks was exraordinary. Not only did Mathew basically call his daughter and son out - he started TELLING ELEVATOR JOKES about the fight.

Mathew then went on to say that Destiny's Child will be touring soon.

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