BEYONCE BEATDOWN!!! BET Network Prez FIRES MULTIPLE STAFF MEMBERS . . . After Beyonce CALLS UP THE NETWORK . . . And Blacked Out On FOLK . . . Over Their BLUE IVY Jokes!!!

: Yesterday BET laid down the LAW – no more BLUE IVY JOKES. learned that one of BET’s top executives, Stephen Hill fired MULTIPLE STAFF MEMBERS in connection with the Karrueche-Blue Ivy hair joke.

The show was also put on “hiatus” for the rest of the week, while they re-tool it . .. and hire new folk. A lot of GOOD PEOPLE were let go from the show . . . and we hope that they find new jobs.

But the network had NO CHOICE but to FIRE FOLK. We’re told that Beyonce HERSELF called up top executives – and BLACKED THE F*CK OUT on them. Bey believed that the “jokes” were retribution to her performing LIVE on The MTV Awards (she performed via satellite feed at the BET Awards).

BET has since apologized to Bey, Jay and their fans for making such an insensitive joke.