You Remeber That 1990s Rapper SHYHEIM . . . That Just Got Out Of Jail NOT TO LONG AGO . . . Well He Just Got Sentenced To ANOTHER 14 YEARS IN PRISON!!!

: We were rooting for Shyheim – who was the YOUNGEST MEMBER of the Wu Tang Clan. He got out of prison a couple of years back, and was looking to turn his life around.

But he recently PLEAD GUILTY an innocent man and then RAN FROM THE SCENE . . . so he deserves to be in JAIL.

Here is how it is being reported:
Avila Olea, 29, a bakery worker, suffered fatal injuries when a car driven by rapper Shyheim Franklin blew through a stop sign and slammed into his auto on a New Brighton street, said prosecutors.

Franklin, 36, was speeding, prosecutors said.

Moments before Franklin was sentenced Thursday to up to 14 years in prison on a second-degree manslaughter plea, Avila Olea’s grieving widow, Asuncion Valencia Mendez, asked a justice to come down hard on the Wu-Tang clan cohort.

“I just want him to be conscious of what he’s done, and whenever he gets out of jail not to do again what he did to my husband,” she said, fighting back tears.

Prosecutors allege Franklin barreled into Avila Olea’s 1996 Toyota Celica at 5:07 a.m. on Lafayette Avenue.

Franklin had been traveling on Cassidy Place and Avila Olea, 29, was Richmond Terrace-bound on Lafayette, headed to his job at the Rosamaria Bakery on Vreeland Avenue in Port Richmond.

Franklin, who was driving a friend’s 1996 Volvo S80, smashed into a parked Dodge Ram after hitting the victim’s auto, then bolted, leaving his blood on the driver’s side airbag, said law enforcement sources.