MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Future And Ciara Are BACK TOGETHER AGAIN . . . CiCi Decided To TAKE HIM BACK . . . And He Promised . . . NO MORE CHEATING!!!

: was the FIRST news source in the world to tell you that Ciara DUMPED FUTURE when she caught him cheating. Well we have GOOD NEWS . . . Ciara has decided to TAKE FUTURE BACK.

Let’s be clear here FIRST . . . both CiCi and Future are the homies and so we wish them BOTH THE BEST in anything that they do. And EVERYONE makes mistakes .. . but that doesn’t mean that you need to BREAK UP A FAMILY OVER IT. So haters should LEAVE now – cause you’re not gonna find any SLANDER IN THIS ARTICLE. can EXCLUSIVELY report that Ciara and Future have extensively discussed their relationship – and how it was nearly DESTROYED by Future’s infidelity. And after some discussions, the couple has decided to put everything BEHIND THEM . . . and get back together.

No word if they still plan on getting married before the year’s out though.

Oh, and BTW – as a “tank you for taking me back” gift . . . Future bought her some $10K boots.