: MediaTakeOut.com just got wind of a BLOCKBUSTER REPORT - actually it's a STROG RUMOR that we heard from a POPULAR ACTRESS - that knows both Paula Patton and her estranged husband Robin Thicke.

The actress told MediaTakeOut.com, "Robin and Paula aren't getting back together because Paula's into girls. I think she may have been bisexual before, but she's now given up on the d*ck."

The insider continued on with the TEA. MediaTakeOut.com's snitch added, "I don't think Robin's cheating made her give up on d*ck either, she just likes women. . . . Actually, I think she may have just used that as an excuse to get out of her marriage."

We're told that Paula is now seeing a "blonde" woman from LA that looks like a model.

Good for Paula . . . life is too short to not go after what you WANT!!

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