MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Edited Out Scenes . . . Of Joseline SMOKING CRACK OUT OF A PIPE . . . Back Stage At The Reunion Show!!!

: If your like the staff at – then you CAN’T WAIT to see the reunion show. We can tell you that it’s gonna be BANANAS . . . Arguing, shading . . . and lots of FIGHTING.

But there’s ONE THING that you won’t see – and that’s Joseline smoking what we’re told is her drug of choice . . . CRACK. According to multiple sources on the set, Joseline was smoking CRACK backstage at the reunion show – and cameras got her on film.

One insider told, “Joseline was basically running around backstage with a crackpipe hanging out of her mouth.” And got a chance to see SOME FOOTAGE from the award show . . . and she looked like a STRAIGHT UP CRACKHEAD.

At times, Joseline was jerking and twitchin, and scratching herself . . . she looked like a real like version of TYRONE BIGGUNS. But the BIG WIGS at VH1 decided NOT to highlight her drug use in the reunion show.

You see . . . the producers over there DO HAVE A CHILL BUTTON.