MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Woman Claims That NFL Superstar Colin Kaepernick Is a DEADBEAT DAD . . . Reportedly Files CHILD SUPPORT PAPERS ON HIM!! (Legal Docs Inside)

: NFL star Colin Kaepernick is having some BABY MAM DRAMA. Oh you aint know he had a kid . . . we we ain’t either. But a Las Vegas woman claims that he’s her BABYS FATHER. The woman reportedly hit Colin with that PAPERWORK last year . . . and according to one of her GFs . . . she’s looking for a “lump sum” settlement from the NFL superstar.

We’re not gonna put up pics of Colin’s ALLEGED babys mother . . . but she’s a non-black EXOTICAL chick.

SMH at heaux these days . . . how you gonna get a lump sum for child support. You got a baby, you ain’t win the POWER BALL!!!