: MediaTakeOut.com has some CONGRATULATIONS to offer. According to a TOP MediaTakeOut.com insider - Idris Elba SECRETLY married his girlfriend Naiyana Garth in a secret ceremony in the UK last month. Idris and the EXOTICAL make up artist have a son - WINSTON - together.

EDITOR'S NOTE - While Naiiyana LOOKS like a lite skinned Black woman she is NOT. She is mixed between Causasian and southeast Asian.

So why are we saying calling it a "SECRET" marriage then??? Well because they're KEEPING IT A A SECRET. A friend of Idris' new bride told us that Idris does NOT WANT people finding out about it. According to a friend of Naiyana's, "His [management] think that it would be bad for Idris image if Black woman found that he married a non-Black woman. Interracial marriage is common in the UK, but it's still looked down upon in the [United] States."

The insider claims that since Idris FAN BASE consists mostly of BLACK WOMEN . . . that WE might not appreciate the fact that his new wife is HALF ASIAN and HALF CAUCASIAN.

We can't speak for ALL BLACK WOMEN . . . but ain't got time to be HATING on anyone that found true love and is looking to make a GODLY commitment towards it. If that's who Idris loves and wants to marry . . . then GOOD FOR HIM.

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