MTO WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Rapper Joe Budden Girlfriend Claims He BRUTALLY BEAT HER. . . We Have Pics Of The BEAUTY . . . WITH BRUISES EVERYWHERE!!

: learned that rapper JOE BUDDEN is wanted by both the NEW YORK POLICE and the NEW JERSEY police for allegedly committing a brutal attack on his ex-girlfriend – a beautiful model. We’ve been asked to not disclose her identity, and we’re complying with that request.

Here’s what we’re told allegedly happened with Joe and the young woman – straight from one of her friends.

Rapper Joe Budden got upset because [JOE’S GIRLFRIEND] dumped him after discovering he was cheating and hooking up with strippers. She then went out (clubbing) with a couple of friends to blow off some steam. One of her friends boyfriend uploaded pictures of [JOE’S GIRLFRIEND] clubbing on Instagram and someone forward the pictures to Joe.

Joe [must have] thought [JOE’S GIRLFRIEND] was out clubbing and flirting with other men so he showed up Sunday morning, where she was out eating with friends (in Washington Heights) and told her to get in his car. When she entered his car he immediately bashed her head into the dashboard of the car and drove off with her to his house [in neighboring Ne Jersey] when they arrive into his drive way he dragged her out the car her kicking and screaming and he repeatedly punched and kicked her in the ground.

Once inside the home he choked her to the point she thought he was going to kill her. She said he had to fight her way off him, gasping for air. He spitted in her face and threatened her not to tell anyone. She said the look on his face was dreadful like he had no soul. She managed to escape his home and contacted the police. Currently there as been no arrest made. A police report has been filed for New York and New Jersey.

If what her friend is saying is true – Joe may be charged with assault, domestic violation – and because he took her from New York to NJ – federal KIDNAPPING charges too!!