Welp . . . It’s OFFICIAL!!! Trina Braxton Has OFFICIALLY Reconciled WitH Her CHEATING AZZ Husband Gabriel!!! (Legal Docs Inside)

: “Braxton Family Values” star Trina Braxton has given her husband a second chance … and has dismissed the divorce case against her cheating spouse

Trina filed for divorce in Gwinnett County Court last year against her philandering husband Gabriel Adrian-Solis …. citing that the marriage was irretrievably broken. According to docs … the two were married since August 2003 and separated in March 2013. She said they were living at seperate homes at the time. Trina claimed there was no chance they would get back together.

On her reality show … the duo went through a multitude of marital problems including Gabriel opening talking about cheating on Trina and her cheating on him as well.

She said in the docs she wanted to work out the financial settlement and divvy up the assets outside of court.

Gabriel fired back at the divorce claiming he still loved Trina and didn’t want it end the marriage. He asked the court to not grant the divorce and let them work it out.

Well … seems like Gabriel got his wish because Trina then filed docs dismissing the divorce completely in March … meaning the two are still together and officially married still.