SAD NEWS GUYS . . . One Of The POPULAR RAPPERS That We All Grew Up Listening To . . . Is Now HOMELESS!!!

: Ying Yang Twins rapper Deongelo Holmes has been evicted from his Georgia home … with a judge ordering he vacate the premises all over unpaid rent

Holmes was sued back in April by Berkeley Realty who demanded he be evicted from the home

The docs noted that Holmes had failed to pay his rent for the 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 2,442 sq ft Budford, GA home. They said he owed them $1,515 at the time of the filing and everyday an extra $47.17 would be added onto his debt

The rapper had one week to pay the rent debt or he would be evicted from the home … and local law enforcement would remove him from the home

The lawsuit came weeks after he was sentenced to jail on domestic violence charges for beating his wife Porsha.

Then on May 20th …. the Gwinnett County Court decided that the owners could evict Holmes and ordered a Writ of Possession for the Buford, GA home