MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Now Wonder TOWANDA BRAXTON Is So Bitter . . . The Lady Is A CONVICTED FELON!!! (Court Documents INSIDE)

: We were watching BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES a couple of days ago and we couldn’t help but notice how BITTER Tamar’s sister TOWANDA is. She’s always LOW KEY HATING on Tamar . . . and whenever Tamar CALLS HER OUT about it, Towanda acts like she ain’t do nothing.

At first we wondered if she was JEALOUS that Tamar and Toni got all the shine in the family.

Well there’s a REASON that she ain’t really make nothing out of her life . . . and she’s just an ASSISTANT to Toni. Nobody was gonna hire her. uncovered that Towanda is a CONVICTED FELON. She got involved in a check forging scheme . . . and plead GUILTY in 2006.