MTO EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Rapper French Montana Is ‘STALKING’ Kanye West . . . We Caught Him LYING ON YEEZY . . . TWICE!!!

: What the FREAK is going on between rapper French Montana and Kanye West??? People close to French say that he has an “unhealthy obsession” with Kanye West . . . and it borders on STALKING.

One entertainment insider who knows French told, “Listen to his music – he says HAAAN like Kanye. Now he’s dating a Kardashian, it’s all a little weird.”

You think THAT’S weird, did you see the new ARTWORK for French’s new single . . . it CLEARLY borrowed from Kanye’s “mask” look. French’s homie told, “I think he wants to be Kanye . . . and Ye is a little FREAKED OUT about it.”

What’s more is that French Montana is going around in interviews saying that Kanye West is “overseeing his new album.” Well the lie detector determines that THAT IS A LIE.

We spoke with a person working on French’s album who tells us that Kanye is NOT working on the album. The insider explained, “Kanye’s working on his own new album and the launch of his new fashion line with Adidas, he’s not working with us.”

Oh, and you’ll recall that on the remix to Wiz Khalifa’s track “We Dem Boyz”, French raps about missing Kim and Kanye’s marriage and blames it all on the government. He said, “Denied my visa missed that marriage up in Paris…” Well the lie detector says – THAT WAS A LIE TOO. He was in Paris just six months earlier – doing a “European concert”.

We f*cks wth French and all . . . but he’s starting to look and sound like a YEEZY STALKER if you ask us.