We Have Some MORE PICS Of Love And Hip Hop Star NIKKO’S Wife . . . And The REAL STORY About His Marriage!!!

: Last night the SH*T HIT THE FAN on Love And Hip Hop, and Nikko’s marriage became COMMON KNOWLEDGE to MiMi. She finally came to terms with the fact that dude was LYING to her – and so she DROPPED HIM.

Well here is the REAL DEAL with Nikko’s marriage. Nikko gto married to his LONGTIME GIRLFRIEND, and business partner – a woman named Margo. The two were not only lovers – but they sang in a group together. Now Margo was a citizen of CANADA and she needed some paperwork so that may have CONTRIBUTED TO WHY THEY GOT MARRIED.

But it was NOT a sham marriage, Margo and Nikko are legally married and they were in LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. She’s a lovely and good hearted woman too. So what happened between Nikko and Margo? Four words – LOVE AND HIP HOP.

When Nikko realized he could be on the show by dating MiMi there was TENSION in his marriage, and eventually he MOVED TO ATLANTA with one of his homies Johnny, and the rest is history. FYI – there have been people saying that Nikko and Johnny are GAY – we can CONFIRM THAT IS NOT TRUE. Y’all know how QUICK we are to call somebody GAY . . . but in this case it’s NOT true. The two men lived together so that they could get a better apartment in Atlanta (they staying in a PENTHOUSE apt downtown).

So all in all what have we learned. First, Nikko isn’t as DUSTY AS WE THOUGHT – cause he basically BROKE UP WITH HIS WIFE before dating MiMi. But on the other hand – he ain’t never TELL MIMI about his marriage . . . and he basically DROPPED HIS WIFE for fame. So he’s still F*CKED UP.

But say what you WILL bout Nikko, but he’s one of our FAVORITE CAST MEMBERS on Love And Hip Hop . . . we HATE HIM so much . . . that we actually LIKE HIM!!!