MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: We Caught Basketball Wives Star Draya FAKING IT . . . She PRETENDED To Break Up With Boyfriend . . . For Her New REALITY SHOW!!! (Tea Inside)

: We hate having to EXPOSE fraudulent activities – but it’s our JOB TO DO SO. learned that Draya and her NFL boyfriend Orlando are NOT broken up .. . and they never were.

Last week, the two made news when Draya went on Instagram and told her fans that she was BREAKING UP with her longtime BF Orlando. Well the lie detector said THAT WAS A LIE.

You see, one of ORLANDO’S TEAMMATES wives told us that Orlando and Draya just ‘pretended’ to break up – so that they could use it as a storyline in Draya’s new reality show.

And their ‘pretend’ break up has real consequences. The insider explained, “Draya lived with Orlando so she had to move her and her son’s belongings out of [Orlando’s] house.” The insider added, “It’s one thing to put her life in upheaval for some reality show, but what about her son””

We tend to BELIEVE the snitch’s story too. You see, Draya was at the Dallas Cowboys training camp yesterday, but she ain’t post ONE PIC about it on Instagram – like she’s trying to HIDE IT.