MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown Is Showing Signs Of SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS . . . And Karrueche Should Be SCARED!!! (Tea Inside)

: For the past WEEK, Chris brown has been displaying very unhealthy behavior on Instagram, and it’s got us WORRIED FOR KARRUECHE.

As of yesterday, Chris Brown began following ALL of karrueche friends on twitter and insta. He also started following any males that Karrueche follows. It took at least a couple of HOURS for him to go through her page and do so.

Last night, he began followed her own instagram . . . and then unfollowed her seconds after. And while he’s been doing these SHENANIGANS – Karrueche’s been PAYING HIM DUST, so Chris’ instagram shading is becoming more CONSTANT and more DISRESPECTFUL.

This would all be FUN AND GAMES – except for the fact that Chris has DIAGNOSED MENTAL ILLNESS. And, as the situation with Rihanna showed, he can be VIOLENT too.

Karrueche really needs to WATCH HERSELF.