MTO SUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Meet Rapper Drake’s REAL GIRLFRIEND . . . He’s Got JUMPOFFS And Side Chicks . . . But We Got Pics Of HIS MAIN BAE!! (RECEIPTS Inside)

: Drake, the hottest rapper in the world, is very GUARDED when it comes to his private life. Sure he shows you the GROUPIES in his life . . . and RIHANNA – but you never get to know where his heart REALY LIES.

Well now you KNOW. According to a SNITCH IN THE OVO camp – we found out that Drake has a MAIN CHICK – a lovely young lady named Giovannie.

Peep the pics of her spending QUALITY TIME with her bae. We like it . . . Drake got himself a REAL CHICK holding him down. Kinda makes us like him a little bit MORE after learning THIS about him.