: MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY learned that Bravo is trying to SHAKE UP the cast of the Atlanta Housewives - adding TWO NEW WOMEN to the shows roster.

The first new cast member is Demetria McKinney - she's an actress/singer that's young, beautiful and classy, and shes dating mega-millionaire Roger Bobb (the man who produces Tyler Perry's TV shows and movies). So what makes her such a GOOD ADDITION to the show? Well the STREETS say that she is a HUSTLER - and that her GOLD DIGGING GAME IS LEGENDARY. Hopefully she'll be able to give US A FEW POINTERS - we need a RICH MAN.

The second castmember is Claudia Jordan - she's beautiful, talented, and funny. What makes her good for the show? Well first off she's got an interesting history. As a beautiful young TV personality and model in Hollywood for more than TWO decades - and despite dating a lot of BIG NAME CELEBS - she never got a ring. But what we like about Claudia is that the girl knows how to BREAK SOMEONE DOWN. She's a professional comedian and knows how to CLOWN. If any of the chicks - including NeNe - tries to come for her, expect Claudia to have you in TEARS with her comebacks.

We like Bravo's new additions, they needed some NEW BLOOD on the cast. Now we CAN'T WAIT to see the next season of the show.

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