MTO SHOCK REPORT: New Information Suggests Kanye West Is COMING OUT AS GAY . . . He ‘SERENADES’ His ALLEGED BOYFRIEND . . . And The Two Show Up Wearing MATCHING OUTFITS!!

: Kanye helped throw a super 40th birthday for his “good friend” Ricardo Tisci – whom many people believe is his former LOVER. There have been rumors that Kanye West and designer Ricardo Tisci were ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED. The rumors started when Kanye began spending ALL HIS TIME with the French designer. Kanye MOVED TO PARIS – and lives right down the block from his openly gay “friend.” It actually was so big of a problem that last year IN TOUCH magazine reported that Kanye spent MORE TIME with Ricardo that with KIM while she was pregnant with his baby.

Oh and Ricardo MAY HAVE CONFIRMED it in an inetrview with Vogue Hommes International magazine. In an interview that took place in October 2011, Tisci says:

“I have several but the one I think immediately is an experience I had with a man who is known. I never imagined that something could happen between us and it’s still the hottest weekend of my life. Nobody really knows if this guy is straight or gay, it is a mystery. However, I was attracted to him, his way of speaking, thinking, walking, dressing. I love what he does as an artist. This weekend both, this intimate moment has only reinforced my attraction to him.”

Anyways, yesterday the two men wore matching outfits to the party. And as the photos show, Kanye was NOT HAPPY being there with his wife Kim. And Kim felt some type of way about it – cause after the event was over – she referred to herself as Kanye’s “side chick.”