RUMOR CONTROL: MiMi Faust DID NOT Admit To Leaking The SEX TAPE . . . There’s A FAKE ARTICLE Going Around The Net . . . And We Have MiMi’s OFFICIAL RESPONSE!!!

: There is a rumor going around Twitter that MiMi did an interview where she “admits” to leaking the sex tape with Nikko. Well MiMi reached out to us this morning to tell us that report is 100% FALSE. MiMi told, “I did NOT leak the sextape. I did NOT do any interview where I said that. That article going around the internet is a lie. I contacted my lawyer and will be suing the heck out of anyone who posts that crap.”

And we can CONFIRM that MiMi didn’t leak the tape. Remember is the WEBSITE THAT LEAKED THE SEXTAPE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

We promise you that when we FIRST leaked the tape, both MiMi and the producers of Love And Hip Hop were FURIOUS WITH US. They did NOT WANT IT OUT THERE. But then, after everyone realized that it could mean RATINGS GOLD and $$$ . . . they felt differently. LOL.