: MediaTakeOut.com just got an EXTREEE-E-EMLY juicy piece of tea.

According to a male model from Los Angeles - a very popular R&B singer/reality star and her VERY OUT OF SHAPE HUSBAND have a secret fetish.

You see she likes YOUNG MEN that are built like football players . . . and he does too, because he's a CLOSETED GAY DUDE. So they have an arrangement, they pay YOUNG dudes to have RELATIONS WITH HER, while HUSBAND watches and PLEASURES HIMSELF.

So what's the issue? Well the male model tells us that he agreed to ONLY HAVE RELATIONS with the R&B singer - and not her husband. But when he and the diva were getting into it . . . . THE HUSBAND tried to caress his buttocks.

The male model now tells us that he's looking into filing a SEXUAL BATTERY claim against dude.

Wonder if it'll be on the new season of their show????

Tags: closeted husband singer out of shape swinger

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