PUBLICITY STUNT???? TI And Tiny Are Getting RE-MARRIED . . . In A New VH1 TV SHOW!!!

: We here at were ALL IN OUR FEELINGS over reports that TI and Tiny were getting DIVORCED. We ALL KNEW that TI was cheating on Tiny - hell she KNEW IT TOO. But when we started hearing that the two were getting divorced - it had us SHOCKED.

Now we're starting to get whispers . . . that their "marital problems" were all just a FAKE PR STUNT. Think about it - Tiny and TI are now back together, Tiny's got a new song out about it.

And we just learned that the couple will be RENEWING THEIR VOWS - on a special new season of TI and Tiny's FAMILY HUSTLE - a WEDDING SEASON.

This really is TOO MUCH . . .

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