DRAMA!!! Karrueche And Chris Brown APPEAR TO HAVE BROKEN UP . . . And Karrueche Has Already MOVED ON With A NEW DUDE!!! (Pics Of Her And Her NEW GUY)

: Chile it’s some DRAMA going on between Chris Brown and his on-again off-again concubine Karrueche. You’ll recall that two days ago, Chris was on Instagram talking about how she’s not LOYAL TO HIM. Well since then, Karrueche FLEW TO ATLANTA to do an appearance. And last night she ws in Miami – with some dude – talking about how life “Gets no better.”

Chris was bowling last night in LA with friends, so it’s definitely NOT HIM she’s talking about.

Can’t wait to see how Breezy responds to this. He seems like one of those real SENSITIVE DUDES . . .