MTO REAL HOUSEWIVES EXCLUSIVE: Apollo ADMITS To Lying . . . Told Bravo Cameras That He Was TRYING TO SLEEP WITH KENYA . . . And The Two ‘KISSED’!!!

: It’s been a LONG AND HARD couple of months for Atlanta Housewife PHAEDRA PARKS. Her husband was just SENTENCED TO PRISON . . . and in the midst of it all, she’s filming the new season of the Atlanta Housewives. Well it just got a whole lot HARDER.

According to a TOP SNITCH, Apollo recently came CLEAN with Kenya Moore – admitting that he LIED ABOUT TEXTGATE. The scene, which was filmed last week at Peter Bailey’s BAR ONE restaurant was EPIC.

We’re told that Apollo told Kenya that he TEXTED HER BECAUSE HE WANTED TO GET WITH HER . . . and that after she exposed him . . . that he LIED TO SAVE FACE WITH HIS WIFE. Then, we’re told that Apollo APOLOGIZED TO KENYA – saying that he wanted to “MAKE AMENDS” to her before he went to jail. The two then exchanged a hug and some sort of a “kiss.”

It’s not clear what happened next, but we’re told that Bravo’s EDITING DEPARTMENT is working overtime to make the scene look “romantic” between Kenya and Apollo – like something may have POPPED OFF BETWEEN THEM that night.

Well we’re not the ONLY ONE that found out about this ENCOUNTER – and Bravo’s creative editing of the encounter. A TOP MTO SNICTH tels us that Phaedra found out about it and it ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. According to our insider, she’s decided to take a “LEAVE OF ABSENCE” from the show.