WE GOT THE TEA . . . From Actor Columbus Short’s WIFE . . . She Claims He’s An ABUSER . . . A LIAR . . . And A DEADBEAT!!!! (Spilling TEA Inside)

: Actor COLUMBUS SHORT has been making the media rounds – explaining what happened to his life, and his marriage. Well one of his EX-WIFE’S friends, just gave us the TEA – to put the REAL REAL out here:

A few friends who are very close to Tanee Short (Columbus soon to be ex-wife ) have told me on several occasions before I even saw it in the media, how ABUSIVE and manipulative he was.

I recently saw him doing interviews acting like the victim and it sucks that NO ONE has come forward to defend her. But I hear all her friends are supporting her and her privacy because of her 2 year old. But I know he’s a LIAR and from meeting Tanee on several occasions that she is NONE of what he makes her out to be and she was always trying to save face for him. So he’s super whack for not holding himself accountable.

I hate seeing powerful or popular men get away with abuse because they are famous and then brag about it. Anyway Tanee has a new dance page so you guys could see she isn’t a gold digger she is a now single mom trying to make money teaching dance class to other moms and wives and empowering them at the same time despite being torn apart by her Abuser in public while she tries to stay low key for the sake of her kids, she may be hurt but she’s not scorned

Ps. she may have been ordered spousal support but she prob won’t see a dime which is why she is teaching classes in pics. HOLLYWOOD really is an illusion.