MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Destiny’s Child Singer Farrah Franklin Was DRUGGED . . . Someone SLIPPED A MOLLY IN HER CHAMPAGNE . . . While She Was At NFLers PARTY!!! (And She AIN’T EVEN KNOW IT)

: News broke yesterday that former Destinys Child Member Farrah Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct for acting “drunk” at a party. Well this morning TMZ released the 911 call made by NFL Player Da’Quan Bowers.

Da’Quan called 911 and told the operator that Farrah was on drugs and to come get her. In the backgroud of the tape, you can hear Farrah screaming and acting HIGH in the background.

When the police arrived, they found Farrah laying in a neighbor’s yard saying she was “going to just sleep in the woods”.

Well Farrah is a HOMIE TO MTO – and so we recahed out to one of our COMMON FRIENDS. They told us that FARRAH WWAS DRUGGED. The insider told, “Farrah does NOT DO DRUGS – somebody slipped a molly or something in her drink.” She continued, “These dudes out here are THIRSTY – they will do ANYTHING to try and get some drawers.”

You’ll recall earlier this year ANOTHER WOMAN claimed that she was DRUGGED while at a party with NFLer Colin Kaepernick!!