MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP EXCLUSIVE: We Got ALL THE TEA . . .Now It All Makes Sense . . . The REUNION Fight . . . Why Stevie Took Joseline BACK . .. EVERYTHING!!!

: just got a SUPER SECRET EXCLUSIVE REPORT – and it will help you all understand all the SHENANIGANS that have been going on on Love And Hip Hop in recent weeks.

If you – are like us – and wondered HOW THE HECK could Stevie J have taken Joseline back after FINDING OUT that she got pregnant by rapper Rick Ross, and basically f*cked every DOE BOY IN ATLANTA. Now we know why.

Also, if you’re wondering WHY JOSELINE TURN’T UP on the reunion show – and why it was “LEAKED” that her cast mates wanted her fired.

Well CONFIRMED yesterday that Joseline and Stevie J have been OFFERED a new SPIN OFF SHOW – produced by the producers of Love And Hip Hop, and set for airing later this year. We’re told that they just signed the PAPERWORK this weekend and filming starts later this month.

Abd the show will be JUICY. We’re told that the storylines will INCLUDE Joseline’s CHEATING, and DRUG USE!!!

Wow – Stevie and Joseline are winning. We wonder though – will you WATCH IT. You know WE WILL BE WATCHING!!!