THE SKRIPPER REVIEW!! Atlanta Skrippers REVIEW Rappers . . . Describe Which Ones .. . Are The BIGGEST TRICKS!! (Rick Ross . . . Future . . . Jeezy . . Floyd Mayweather)

: Jeezy ain’t spent a stack in any skrip club since 09
Rick Ross aint spend a milli in KOD
Gucci spend $5000 in the club over lunch one day
Floyd Mayweather is NOT A TRICK – only spent $400 to get two skrippers to perform with each other.
Future is too Hollywood now. Back when he lived in Atlanta, he was a good tipper.
Rihanna – She shows love
Rocko – Spends a lot of $$ in teh club
Shawty Lo negotiated down to 75 dollars for 8 lap dances.