MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: NBA Star Kevin Durant’s FIANCE Says She BROKE UP WITH HIM . . . Because He STOPPED BEING ‘Christian’ . . . When He Got SIGNED TO JAY Z!! (ILLUMINATI 6-6-6)

: MediaTakeOut.come was the FIRST news source in the world to tell you about NBA superstar Kevin Durant’s ENGAGEMENT to the lovely and VERY Christian WNBA player Monica Wright. And we told you about their BREAK UP. Now we’re finding out WHY!!

Monica spoke OPENLY about the reason’s for her ENGAGEMENT ENDING last week at a BIBLE STUDY open to the public. She said of Kevin – “I was engaged last year, and it kind of changed that relationship big time. Cause I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.”

We spoke to a person close to Monica who had some MORE INFO on what happened. She explained, “When Kevin and Monica were engaged, [Kevin] was a Christian. He had his struggles but he was definitely committed. Now I don’t know what he is. I blame it on [Signing with Jay Z’s management company] RocNation. He moved to L.A. has a bunch of internet THOTS around day and night, and he thinks he’s a rapper.” The insider added, “He made his choices and I’m sure they’ll give him all the fame and riches that he desires, but I pray for his soul.”

Dang . . . they got him too???

Here is Monica speaking on it: