: Today is the 50th BIRTHDAY of Wendy Williams, by far our FAVORITE PERSON in all of entertainment. And with the success of her syndicated talk show - one of the most SUCCESSFUL WOMEN in all of entertainment.

Yesterday she held an ALL OUT CRAZY BIRTHDAY PARTY in New York. Tons of celebs were there, but she wasn't BOURGIE about it - she opened it up to her fans too. And Wendy looked GAW-JUS!!!

And the party was CUH-RAZY. Lil John 'TURN DOWN FOR WHAT' was the DJ. But the highlight of the evening OF COURSE was when Chaka Khan came out and KILLED THE GAME with a stunning performance. It was a GREAT TIME, with a bunch of GREAT folks.

Wendy is our idol, a mentor, and a friend. She is one of the most GENEROUS AND GIVING people in the world - and she DESERVES all the success that she's achieved. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY WILLIAMS!!!

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