: Day TWO Of The Love And Hip Hop Reunion show taping was ALMOST AS CRAZY as the first day. VH1 didn't want the LIABILITY that could come out of all the FIGHTS, so they cancelled the LIVE interview - and instead of doing a full on reunion show . . . they just shot CONFESSIONALS with each cast member BY THEMSELVES.

We spoke to an insider who told us that during Joseline's interview, she went to the bathroom followed by a handheld camera - and was video'd SNIFFING UP SOME SORT OF WHITE POWDER. After she finished SNIFFING it, she started acting real TURN'T.

We're also told that VH1 is considering WHAT DO DO with the footage. They want to ACCURATELY portray what Joseline is going through . . . but they DON'T want to glorify DRUG USE. It's not clear whether THAT FOOTAGE will make it to the final show.

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